Our Story

As a proud stay-at-home mom of three wonderful children I became bored about a year ago. All of a sudden I wasn’t nursing, I wasn’t pregnant and I was sleeping better and occasionally through the night. Full of energy I thought it was the perfect time for a new adventure. I decided to start my own business, a children’s fashion line. I have always had a passion for fashion. Ever since I was a little girl I would raid my mom’s and grandma’s wardrobes and try on all of their pretty clothes and fur coats that they stored in large brown closets, surrounded by staple brown Soviet furniture. Growing up in Belarus at the time of the Soviet Union I felt like the only color allowed in the country was brown.  The school uniform I had to wear every day was too brown, itchy and very boring. My mom would tweak a few things, add a little cute ruffle and transform my uniform into a cute brown dress. That’s when I learn my first fashion lesson - little details and small changes can transform even a brown school uniform into a cute dress with beautiful white color. Needless to say - I haven’t owned anything in brown ever since that uniform! 

I was very fortunate to study art at Belarusian National Arts Museum. For me it was an escape into the world of refinement, beauty and sophistication. That’s where I learn about art, and it’s history, was exposed to vibrant colors, various styles and techniques, details, textures and fashion. I’m forever grateful to my teacher Marina Alexandrovna, who made me and other lucky girls love and appreciate art and taught us many lessons of art, life, history and true beauty.

When the Iron Curtain came down all of a sudden we were all exposed to Western culture. Besides soap operas, like Santa Barbara and Hollywood movies like Pretty Woman, my friends and I were blown away by fashion shows with beautiful vibrant colors, luxurious fabrics and breathtaking clothes. We would put on high heels and march up and down our small apartments pretending to be Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell wearing beautiful gowns. We loved fashion. It was a beautiful world with beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes. That striking contrast shaped my tastes and shows in my debut collection: a mix of vibrant colors, fun prints and chic but comfortable styles. Each and every piece is made with lots of love and attention to detail. I wanted to have a smart collection of pieces that you and your children will absolutely love and can wear for a special occasion or to school and still be comfortable and stylish. I hope those clothes will bring you as much joy as they bring to me when I see my kids wearing them! And don’t look for brown, ha!