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Luxury Clothing Weaves Together Girl Power, Childhood, and Fashion

Who we are

Little Olin is a European-inspired, durable, and sophisticated clothing line for girls ages 2-12 that can be worn to school and for special occasions.

The mother-daughter team of Olga Jaeckel and her six-year-old fill a gap in the market by creating fun, stylish clothing with unique details that are resilient and more affordable than other luxury clothing lines. Products ranging from tops, skirts, dresses and rompers are produced in small batches by one of the top European manufacturers using premium European fabrics and feature custom prints complemented by exquisite details.

The Little Olin brand helps empower young girls to dress well while also reaching their highest potential. Olga consults with her daughter on which fabrics should be used for pieces. Once produced, products are then playground tested and approved by a local community of mothers and daughters.

Little Olin Founder

Meet Olga Jaeckel

Olga Jaeckel and her six-year-old daughter are the Washington-D.C.-based team behind Little Olin.

Olga was inspired to start Little Olin while shopping for her daughter. “We couldn’t find unique and fun clothes for her that didn’t fall apart after the first wash or cost hundreds of dollars,” says Olga. “I thought there was a niche in the market and I saw an opportunity to fill it.”

Her daughter is not only Olga’s inspiration for the line, but a strategic partner.

“When I’m working on a new collection, I ask my daughter for feedback,” says Olga. “I especially love looking at fabrics with her. Children have a pure and unspoiled taste. They aren’t burdened by past fashion trends or expectations. They also look at everything with an eye on comfort, often thinking, ‘Can I run on the playground in these clothes?,’ where adults are quick to sacrifice comfort for style. When I can’t decide which fabric to use, my daughter will always have an idea. She will pick up a fabric swatch and with confidence tell me how I should use it.”

Olga’s own mother and grandmother have also empowered her during her journey.

Growing up in the Soviet Union, Olga felt like the only color allowed in the country was brown. Her school uniform was itchy, boring, and dull. But her mother made a few transformational tweaks, like adding a cute, little ruffle. That’s when she learned her first fashion lesson: little details and small changes can alter even a dull, brown school uniform and make a powerful, yet subtle statement. Her 95-year-old grandmother, who she lovingly refers to as “The General,” taught her how to knit and sew.

When designing Little Olin collections, Jaeckel draws on her childhood studies at Belarusian National Arts Museum in Minsk. As a minimalist, Jaeckel strives to purchase and produce products that are simplistic, vibrant, versatile and feature textures of haute couture.